Our cleaning and restoration of older memorials is professionally handled on a case by case basis. it is extremely important that only professional memorial craftsmen handle this delicate work. Each stone that needs repair or cleaning has a unique set of problems that must be handled delicately or they could become worse.  Use Rafter memorial professionals for your cleaning and restoration needs.

Headstone BeforeHeadstone After Cleaning and RestorationHeadstone BeforeHeadstone After Cleaning and Restoration
Statue BeforeStatue After Cleaning and RestorationStatue After Cleaning and Restoration
Broken Stone PillarStone Pillar After Repair


Custom Imagery

We use the latest in engraving technology to add personal images and custom imagery to headstones and monuments.  


Engraving On Existing Stones

Rafter Memorials does professional engraving to existing stone. Our attention to detail is second to none. No two engravings are the same. Rafter Memorials takes the time to examine all aspects of the existing lettering to ensure that your new engraving is perfect. We also have one of the quickest turn around times in the industry.

Rafter Memorials is a full service memorial company which means that we design, build, and install all of our work whether it be a single grass marker, family headstone, multi-family monument, mausoleum, civic monument or columbarium unit.  No job is too small or too large.  We engrave existing stones in the field whether we were the origional builders or not.  we professionally restore and clean existing stone,  rebuild faulty foundations and reset monuments that are leaning or have fallen over.  Rafter Memorials also sections cemeteries and lines them off for new rows and columns.

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