Cemetary Memorials

Selecting a memorial is an expression of love and respect for the life of a person.  There are many options in choosing a personal memorial which can express the personality of a person.  Personal memorials range in size from small single flush markers to large family mausoleums, with the most popular being the the traditional upright tablet and base.  

Below are some design options and some galleries.  Cemetaries have their own guidelines and regulations regarding memorial shapes, sizes, colors, and installation, so let Rafter Memorials help guide you through the process!

We also have services for custom etchings and engraving on existing stones.  Visit our Services page to learn more.

design Options


American Black - Created in one of the most biologically diverse streams east of the Mississippi, American Black granite hails from the French Creek area of Pennsylvania. Its characteristic variegated facade is marked with small, delicate silver-colored dBahama Blue - Swirls of blue like the ocean! Bahama Blue variegated granite makes a beautiful statement for whatever memorial you choose. Work with our craftsmen to create a custom memorial that will be uniquely individualized - the possibilities are endlBarre Grey - When sunlight hits memorials made from Medium Barre Grey, a bit of magic seems to happen. Rich, shiny, bright and luxurious are words often used to describe this granite. Just like the countryside of Vermont from which it comes, this stone ex
Black Supreme - This luxurious, uniformly-colored black stone from Asia satisfies even the most discriminating tastes. When it has to be special, the richly-dense and sophisticated look of Black Ultimate should be your first choice. The blackest. The fineBlue Pearl - Blue-grey waves of color are the hallmark of this spectacularly-grained granite from Norway. Blue Pearl offers a magnificent contrast when used in designs with black granite, but is equally powerful as a single-stone tribute to a loved one.Dakota Mahogany - With varied hues of maroon and rose, this warm-colored stone is reminiscent of a beautiful sunset over the prairies. Dakota Mahogany is highly resistant to stains and durable enough to stand the test of time. It is as unique and artistic
Rich and beautiful, Evergreen is a fine-grained granite with a black, grey and predominantly green pattern, reminding one of dark jade. It creates a beautiful and long-lasting remembrance.Impala Black - Impala Black is a rich, dense stone with a fine texture imported from South Africa. A black stone with grey spotting and handsome good looks, Impala Black makes a wonderful choice for a beautiful and lasting memorial.Canadian Mahgony - Known for its beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountain earth tones, this medium-grained rich brown granite is a highly-sought mahogany choice. Canadian Mahogany is a very popular choice for bronze plaques and markers. This granite is truly a v
Mountain Rose - This granite has a reputation for being a good value that's readily available has consistently made it one of the most popular choices. Just like the flower, Mountain Rose is both beautiful as well as strong.India Red - Like the setting sun on an early autumn evening, India Red is an exceptional stone color with streaks of magenta and black contrasting against a sea of crimson. India Red seems to burn as an eternal flame in the daylight, while softly glisteniWausau Red - Striking! There's no better way to describe this magnificently rich-red Wisconsin stone. This extraordinary granite is famous for its hardness and shine that stays brilliant year after year.

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Sculptured Headstones



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Rafter Memorials is a full service memorial company which means that we design, build, and install all of our work whether it be a single grass marker, family headstone, multi-family monument, mausoleum, civic monument or columbarium unit.  No job is too small or too large.  We engrave existing stones in the field whether we were the origional builders or not.  we professionally restore and clean existing stone,  rebuild faulty foundations and reset monuments that are leaning or have fallen over.  Rafter Memorials also sections cemeteries and lines them off for new rows and columns.

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